Each Saturday night we are going to delve into a theme related to astronomy.

We are starting with a presentation in a 100″ screen with graphics, photographs and videos.

We are continuing with an interactive workshop.

To finalise, we will enjoy an astronomic observation with a great aperture telescope if weather permits, or second presentation otherwise.

Check out the programme and click on the image for more details and booking.

The activities will take place in Spanish unless there is a group of people who wish to have it done in English.

Universo Brutal_9 Nov 20:30-22:00_Presentacion+Taller Agujeros Negros+Observacion Astronomica

Astronoma se escribe con a_16 Nov 20:30-22:00_Presentacion+Taller Computadoras Harvard+Observacion Astronomica

Iniciacion Astronomia Prismaticos_23 Nov 20:30-22:00_Presentacion+Taller Planisferio+Observacion Astronomica
Otras formas de mirar el cielo_30 Nov 20:30-22:00_Presentacion+Taller Teatro+Observacion astronomica