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Astronomia Sierra de Aracena is born in August 2019 with the intention of sharing the incredible resource of Sierra Morena Starlight Reserve and the Astronomical Observatory of San Bartolome hermitage in Alajar, one of the best 2 selected by the Junta de Andalucia in Huelva County.

In Europe, 99% of the population live in light polluted places, and most of them have never seen the Milky Way.

Sierra Morena Starlight Reserve is the biggest in the world, comprising more than 400 km in the Huelva, Sevilla, Cordoba and Jaen counties. It is promoted by the Starlight Fundación, created by the Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands.

This certification is a leader alongside the Dark Sky Association. Similar to World Heritage, Starlight Reserve first certifies and then manages places with exceptional dark sky conditions.

Hundreds of thousands of measures were taken to certify that the quality of dark sky was similar to the best world observatories in terms of brightness of the sky, seeing and the number of clear nights of the year.

With this excellent starting point, Miguel García started this adventure, after a long formation as a physicist in Extremadura University, experience in socio-cultural animation and a long stay in London.

Miguel with his telescope at the espadaña of the Peña de Arias Montano

Knowledge acquired in astronomy comprises Physics, History, Geology, Chemistry, Technology, Art and Philosophy. The educational experience improves your vision in all these areas in an enjoyable and lasting way, besides overwhelming you in front of the immensity around us.

Besides, Sierra de Aracena offers other satisfactions for the traveller. An astronomic visit can be combined with a hiking or walking route, mushrooms collection, the “berrea”, adventure activities, natural and historic heritage, delicious gastronomy led by jamon… possibilities are endless as the very same space.

Have a look at the website of the Association of Touristic Entrepreneurs of the Sierra to know what to see, where to sleep, where to eat and what to do:

Do not overthink it, come to discover all that the night sky has to offer you!