Group astronomic activities


Have you ever wondered what constellation make the night sky? Do your eyes get stretched when you hear black hole or pulsar?


Enlarge your horizons and discover with us all that the night sky has to offer, with the help of planispheres, laser pointer, binoculars and telescope.


An astrophysicist guide will help you to understand the observations and answer the questions that could arise while you:

  • Discover the constellations and their stories, in an easy way through planispheres and a laser pointer. You will learn to find your way around in the space seamlessly.
  • Look straight to the planets, share with Galileo the excitement of watching Jupiter´s moons and his stripes, the rings of Saturn and details in our partner the Moon, including the landing points.

  • Appreciate the colour difference in double stars like in the Tatooine planet where Luke Skywalker grew up.

  • Difference stars inside globular star clusters where hundreds of old stars pile up like in an elephant cemetery.

  • Open up the blackness in tiny spots of the sky where you can look open globular clusters, this time of young stars.

  • Get lost in nebulae where new planets and stars are born, or planetary nebulae that signal the end of other stars.

  • Watch galaxies millions of light-years away. Spirals, elliptic and even galaxies melting.

In the end, you can have a group photo with the starry sky as a souvenir.


Do not let pass this opportunity to see in a very little size the details of the biggest structures in the Universe. Before the immensity, we can paradoxically feel closer and park our worries to open us to the cosmos, space and the time as you have never experienced it.


The visit will take place in San Bartolome hermitage in Alajar, designated point of astronomical observation by Andalucia County in the middle of Starlight Reserve of Sierra Morena.


Groups will be 10 people maximum to allow time enough for observing with the telescope. The minimum to make a tour will be 2 people.


Please, get in touch through the link if you would like to book or if you have any question!




ermita san bartolome